shoot pink Profile Thumbnail TemplateI am a Shoot Pink Photographer. Shoot Pink is an organization that offers free photo sessions to breast cancer survivors and warriors. Enjoy the gift of memories with loved ones and celebrate your strength and the beauty of life. Click Here to find me. I serve the Central Texas area consisting of Temple, Belton, Salado, & Killeen.

helloWelcome to my page! My name is Shawna. I am 23 years old, and a huge photography enthusiast/nerd. Photography is my passion. My camera is an extension of my arm. You can find me in Temple, Texas.

My love for photography began with a simple point and shoot. The most basic of basic, but entirely my own and only limited by my imagination. Two years later, I purchased my own DSLR and my favorite lens of all time, a 50mm prime with a wide open aperture. With these tools, I have been able to create photographs that I love for people who love my work. My style is relaxed, yet always with a particular inspiration in mind. I ¬†will do whatever I have to to make you feel comfortable and beautiful. The joy that I experience after delivering client photos is so special, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.



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